Capturing Moments with Adam Welch: Coffee x Cameras Interview

Capturing Moments with Adam Welch: Coffee x Cameras Interview

Coffee and camera in hand, a lens ready to capture the unseen and the extraordinary: this is the essence of the Coffee x Cameras series on YouTube.

It’s where creative souls from different corners of the world, armed with their passion for photography, come together to share their stories, their inspirations, and of course, their love for coffee.

The series, hosted by the renowned photographer Charlie Naebeck, brings forward artists like Adam Welch, letting the world witness the beauty they see through their lenses.

A Journey through the Lens

Adam Welch, with his myriad of experiences and an eclectic portfolio, embarks on a photographic journey that spans genres and pushes boundaries.

He describes himself as an “Extreme generalist,” showcasing his versatility in capturing various subjects and themes.

Adam’s portfolio, a vivid tapestry of life and its myriad hues, can be explored here.

Agfa xray Organs F - Adam Welch


Image courtesy of Adam Welch

Discovering ‘Faces of Grayson’

One of Adam’s most meaningful projects is his first photo book, ‘Faces of Grayson.’

It is a testament to his foray into large-scale printing, self-promotion, and learning the intricacies of the craft.

It’s not just a book; it’s a journey, a learning curve, an experience soaked in passion and dedication, captured in frames and printed on pages.

Cebezon and Payson


Image courtesy of Adam Welch

Inspirations: The Pioneers of Photography

Adam draws inspiration from several noteworthy photographers, each contributing a different perspective to his work.

William Mortensen and Sally Mann are revered for their technical prowess and open attitude, while George Masa is admired for his unwavering dedication to documenting the Appalachian region.

Ansel Adams and Brent Weston have also significantly impacted Adam’s evolving style, teaching lessons in contrast and the multifaceted nature of photography.

Fuji HRU East TN CP Goerz

Image courtesy of Adam Welch

Exhibitions and Achievements

Adam’s work has seen the walls of numerous galleries and the pages of several magazines, including multiple editions of Tennessee Magazine and prestigious spaces like the Dixon Gallery of Fine Art and the Mood Room Gallery.

His unique captures, ranging from landscapes to a picture of his feet (which he once sold for $200!), have earned him multiple accolades and recognition in various realms, including a feature in National Geographic.

Pie Town Hasselblad HP5 Plus Adam Welch

Image courtesy of Adam Welch

Equipment and Technique

Whether it’s a Fuji X-Pro 1, Sony A7r MKIII, or a Hasselblad 500 C/M, Adam masters them all, capturing the world in its true essence and portraying it through his unique lens.

He is continually refining his skills in ultra large format contact prints, experimenting with different mediums like silver, salt, and cyano.

Socorro Hasselblad Portra Adam Welch

Image courtesy of Adam Welch

Coffee: The Creative Elixir

A firm believer in the cohesive bond between coffee and creativity, Adam enjoys his brew as a mixer in his creative process.

Whether it’s the instant coffee used for his developer or a robust Turkish blend, coffee remains an integral part of his creative journey, enriching his workflow with its aromatic allure.

Socorro Hasselblad Portra Adam Welch

Image courtesy of Adam Welch


A Creative Confluence: Coffee x Cameras with Charlie Naebeck

Adam’s participation in the Coffee x Cameras series is a confluence of creative minds. It’s where coffee meets camera, where pixels intertwine with aroma, creating a symphony of visuals and senses.

Charlie Naebeck, with his initiative, brings forward the untold stories of photographers like Adam, letting the world peek into their creative sanctuaries. It’s a journey worth witnessing, an experience worth sharing.

Let’s Brew Some Creativity Together!

Embark on this creative journey with Coffee x Cameras. Dive deep into the world of pixels and coffee beans, and let’s rediscover the beauty in every frame, every moment captured. Witness the magic unfold on Coffee x Cameras YouTube series and subscribe for notifications on new interviews. Also, don't forget to jump on the Coffee x Cameras mailing list for interviews, opportunities, coffee, and updates.

For further details, classes, coffee, or to get in touch to be a part of the series please visit Coffee x Cameras.


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