Simon Wiffen: A Vision in Black and White - The Emotional Resonance of Photography

Simon Wiffen: A Vision in Black and White - The Emotional Resonance of Photography

Simon Wiffen selects from "47"

In the vast realm of photography, where every moment captured is a piece of art, Simon Wiffen stands out with his emotional narratives.

With a keen eye for human connection, Simon's photography blurs the lines between fine art and real life, offering viewers a profound experience.

Journey Through the Lens

Beginning his photography journey more than three decades ago, Simon has now carved a niche for himself in the industry. His primary focus? Fine art-style black and white family portraits, coupled with commercial and event photography.

But it's not just about clicking a button; it's about capturing life's raw, authentic moments.

His portfolio gives a glimpse into this passion, with every photo echoing the beauty of natural, human-centric moments.

A Life with Cystic Fibrosis

Arguably, one of Simon's most profound projects to date is the "47 / A Life With Cystic Fibrosis." Published in late 2018, this book brings forth an intimate portrayal of the harsh realities of living with cystic fibrosis.

Drawing inspiration from his young son's personal journey with CF, this project isn't just close to the heart – it's an embodiment of the soul.

The profound impact of this work was acknowledged with awards, television appearances on BBC, and mentions in renowned publications like The Guardian and Amateur Photographer magazine.

Simon’s commitment to capturing the essence of life's battles didn't stop here. His heartwarming portraits promoting the importance of organ donation graced the halls of Leeds Museum, while his commendable work for the Leeds Hospitals Legacy Giving campaign found its way on billboards and buses throughout the city.

Gear and Grit

Moving from his reliable Canon 5D Mark III, Simon has transitioned to the Canon R6 Mark II, equipped with a series of L lenses.

Although technologically adept, it's his ability to make emotional connections through photography that truly sets him apart.

Whether it's the innocent playfulness of children or a brand's unique message, Simon’s work captures the human essence.

Morning Muse

As a morning person, Simon's day starts with a fresh espresso, courtesy of his go-to Lazazza Rossa beans.

While coffee fuels many, for Simon, it's a morning ritual that intertwines with his workflow. It may not directly influence his shoots, but it certainly powers his most productive hours.

The Coffee x Cameras Connection

What happens when you combine photography with coffee? Pure magic, according to Simon. His penchant for both led him to the Coffee x Cameras series by Charlie Naebeck, where he aims to talk about his photography journey, all while sipping his beloved brew.

A Message for Aspiring Photographers

Simon's love for black and white photography is evident. Not just a style, it's a testament to timeless beauty. Images that will be cherished for years. It’s this vision that he aims to bring to other families.

His advice for budding photographers? Embrace authenticity. The world of photography is vast, and as Simon puts it, the longer we’re in it, the less we truly know.

Simon Wiffen's story isn’t just about capturing images. It’s about capturing the soul, the essence, and the raw emotions of life.

And as he continues his journey, the world awaits more such stories etched in black and white.

You can see the full recorded interview with Simon over on our YouTube.

Coffee x Cameras Simon Wiffen Interview

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