Interview Series

The Vision Behind Coffee x Cameras: Celebrating Global Creativity

In a world where creativity knows no boundaries and talent can be found in every corner, the Coffee x Cameras series stands as a beacon, illuminating the genius of photographers and creatives worldwide.

But why did I, Charlie, decide to launch this series, and why should artists like you contribute? Let's delve into the core of this series.

1. Celebrating Diverse Narratives:
Each artist has a unique story, a distinct voice that echoes their experiences, beliefs, and aspirations. By interviewing photographers and creatives, we aim to weave a global tapestry of narratives, celebrating the rich diversity of thoughts and perspectives.

2. Providing a Platform for Untold Stories:
Many gifted artists remain hidden in the shadows, their brilliance waiting to be discovered. Coffee x Cameras offers them a stage, a chance to showcase their work to a broader audience, and an opportunity to inspire and be recognized.

3. Fostering Continuous Learning:
The art world thrives on exchange – of ideas, techniques, and inspirations. By discussing processes, we foster a culture of continuous learning, where budding artists can imbibe wisdom from seasoned professionals, and established creatives can encounter fresh, invigorating perspectives.

4. Shining Light on Impactful Projects:
In an era of fleeting attention, impactful projects that have the power to instigate change often get lost in the noise. Our series acts as a magnifying glass, focusing on projects that matter, amplifying their reach and potential impact.

Reasons you should Join the Coffee x Cameras Series:

A. Amplify Your Voice:
Participating in our series provides a platform to magnify your work, reaching an engaged audience that appreciates the nuances and depth of creative endeavors.

B. Be Part of a Global Network:
Engaging in our interviews connects you to a global community of creatives, fostering collaborations, friendships, and opening doors to unexplored opportunities.

C. Elevate the Creative Discourse:
By sharing your experiences and insights, you contribute to a richer discourse, helping shape the narrative around art, creativity, and their roles in contemporary society.

D. Opportunity for Self-Reflection:
Interviews often act as mirrors, offering a moment of introspection. Articulating your journey, challenges, and triumphs can provide clarity, affirming your path and rekindling your passion.

E. Advocate for Change:
If your work carries a message, a cause, or champions change, our series can be the megaphone, helping your vision reach those who can join, support, or be influenced by your mission.

In essence, the Coffee x Cameras series is not just interviews but a movement – one that cherishes the spirit of creativity, values the power of storytelling, and believes in the collective strength of artists worldwide. We invite you to be a part of this journey, to share, inspire, and be inspired.

How do I join the Coffee x Cameras series?

Joining the Coffee x Cameras series is very easy.

1. Fill out the interview questions here to apply:

Note: It can take us a few weeks or so to get back to replies sometimes, and we also do not accept every application, so don't be dissapointed if you do not hear from us quickly. You don't know unless you try though! Half the battle with anything worth while is to get up, dress up, and show up.



Q: What is the primary objective of the Coffee x Cameras Interview Series?
A: The Coffee x Cameras series is designed to showcase the talent, insights, and journeys of creatives from around the world. Through in-depth interviews, we aim to illuminate diverse narratives, share processes, and spotlight impactful projects, all in an educational context.

Q: Who can participate in the series?
A: We welcome creatives from around the world with a passion for their craft, a story to tell, or a project that makes a difference. Whether you're an established professional or an emerging talent, if you have a unique perspective, we'd love to hear from you.

Q: How can I be part of the interview series?
A: If you're interested in participating, you can apply with the steps above.

Q: Is there a fee associated with participating in the series?
A: No, there is no fee to participate. Our primary goal is to celebrate creativity and share impactful stories. We do this because we love it, and we hope that you will join us on this mutual exchange.

Q: Will my work be showcased during the interview?
A: Absolutely! The interview will delve into your processes, experiences, and, of course, your creations. It's a great opportunity to give viewers a comprehensive understanding of your work.

Q: How long is each interview?
A: Interviews typically last between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how our conversation goes, ensuring we capture the essence of your journey without being overly lengthy. You can see some of the interviews and subscribe to our channel over on Youtube, or you can read about them here on the main page of Coffee x Cameras.

Q: Where will the interviews be published?
A: The interviews will be featured here on the Coffee x Cameras site, Charlie Naebeck Co YouTube, and excerpts or highlights along with photos that you share may be shared on our associated social media channels for Coffee x Cameras and Charlie Naebeck Co to maximize reach and engagement.

Q: Can I share the interview on my own platform or social media?
A: Definitely! Once the interview is published, we encourage you to share it with your audience and network.

Q: What if I want to discuss a topic or issue that's sensitive or personal?
A: We approach every interview with respect and sensitivity. If there are specific topics you'd like to address, or avoid, just let us know beforehand. We're here to showcase your story in the most authentic and considerate way possible.

Q: Are there specific technical requirements for the interview, especially if it's a video interview?
A: For video interviews, a stable internet connection, good lighting, and a quiet environment are essential. Beyond that, feel free to be yourself!

Q: How are interviewees selected for the series?
A: We look for a mix of emerging talents and established professionals, prioritizing diversity in perspectives, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. Selection is based on the uniqueness of the story, the impact of the projects, and the educational value they bring to our audience.

Q: I have more questions. How can I get in touch?
A: We're here to help! Please reach out to us on the Get in Touch section at the top of this page.

We hope these FAQs provide clarity on the Coffee x Cameras Interview Series. We're excited to share your story and look forward to connecting with you and brewing up something awesome!