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In Crossing - Ebook by Charlie Naebeck

In Crossing - Ebook by Charlie Naebeck

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In Crossing: A Journey Back to Photographic Roots by Charlie Naebeck

Embark on a year-long exploration with photographer Charlie Naebeck, as he dives deep into the heart of photographic authenticity with his project, "In Crossing." Following his profound work on body image, "Resonance," and the introspective "Glimpses" that centered on student memories from Florence, Charlie felt a compelling urge in 2015 to reinvent and revisit his photographic roots.

"In Crossing" emerges from Charlie's desire to remove himself from the distractions of today's technology-driven culture. Disturbed by the narcissism that's often amplified by social media and concerned by a diminishing global cultural identity, he took a break. Instead of being lured into the fast-paced world of digital photography, where the pressure to constantly click is omnipresent, Charlie chose to take a deliberate step back.

With a manual Nikon FM2 camera in hand and a Nikon D750, every shot he took required contemplation. The mechanics of setting the aperture, shutter, ASA, and focus forced him to ask: "Is this shot worth it?" This mindfulness led to capturing images that had more meaning and depth. A distinct departure from the digital norm where many photos are snapped without second thought, only to be later discarded.

The selection process was just as intentional. Out of 8,532 personal photographs captured that year, he whittled it down to 56 exceptional street shots, all taken with a single camera and a 50mm lens. Photography, for Charlie, is not about the fanciest equipment but rather the vision behind the lens. It's about truly seeing, understanding, and connecting with the world.

Through "In Crossing," Charlie eloquently reminds us of the power of photography to not only capture moments but to communicate deeply personal narratives. By delving into the core processes of creativity, slowing down, and eschewing the noise of the digital age, he encourages fellow photographers to reconnect with their authentic selves and the pure essence of their craft.

Join Charlie Naebeck on this intimate journey that celebrates the simplicity and beauty of street photography.

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