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Resonance - Ebook by Charlie Naebeck

Resonance - Ebook by Charlie Naebeck

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Dive into "Resonance," a profound exploration of body image, highlighting the rich diversity of the human form. Renowned artist and photographer, Charlie Naebeck, presents black and white portraits of volunteers aged 18-65, all captured without retouching, accompanied by their candid insights on body perception. This project, deeply personal to Charlie following the loss of a friend to bulimia, serves as a beacon of hope for those struggling with body acceptance.

"Resonance" is not just a collection of photographs but a poignant movement urging society to celebrate and accept the vast array of body types, pushing back against the narrow ideals portrayed in media. A culmination of over a year's work, the project sheds light on our shared insecurities, desires, and the universal yearning for love and acceptance.

Concluding with a touching note from Charlie himself, "Resonance" is not only a testament to human strength and vulnerability but also a call to action to embrace and promote positive body image. As Charlie aptly puts it, inspired by Francis of Assisi, start by doing the necessary, then what's possible, and soon you'll find yourself achieving the impossible.

Join the movement, appreciate the beauty in diversity, and champion the message of body positivity with "Resonance."

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